Translation of Audit Report and SOX documents 
Value added translation by CPA for your internal controls documentation

Beacon Square has a number of CPA holders who provide translations to deal with materials regarding internal control, including risk assessments, ERP, accounting systems, business procedures and documentation, Japanese SOX, etc.
Translation Division focuses on specific areas translation including legal work, compliance, process plans, various rules and regulations related to internal controls in financial reporting.
In recent years, translation is one of the areas where client demand has increased most. Internal control aims at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of business management, ensuring the reliability of financial reporting by the company, and facilitating compliance with business management. As such, internal control and its related fields encompass a diverse range of business sections including finance, legal, information systems, sales, etc. Therefore it is essential for translation to be performed by CPA holders with a thorough, broad-based knowledge of these corporate activities.

Areas of Translation

  • Audit Report issued by Japanese Acconting Firm to foreign client
  • Internal control translation: compliance, business procedures, company rules, Company Acts, new Company Acts
  • SOX translation: Japanese JSOX translation, corporate reform bills
  • Documentation and compilation of manuals
  • Risk control translation: Risk management translation, risk control matrix translation